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By Mark Weston

Published in India and becoming a sensation throughout the world. The following are a few reviews and comments about 'Bernie':

"Spot and Barney insist Bernie must be published in America" said Mrs. Laura Bush.

Behind the Scenes:
I am glad we now have a book on animal relationships, which were hard to find. Let this be the beginning of a new kind of writing. Quarterly of the Visual Arts India Habitat Centre: The story of Bernie is sheer excellence.

The World Wisdom Review...Book of the Month July 2003:

Mark Weston has very beautifully put together this wonderful piece of writing highlighting the love between man's Best friend 'a Dog' and we humans in a very day-to-day relationship style.

We have received a copy of the book (novel) titled BERNIE written by Mark Weston. The novel provides an invaluable interface between the Man and his favourite pet, Dog. The novel looks ahead, focuses on man and his environment of animals, which we welcome. With this novel, we are initiating and dedicating this page to BERNIE and the nice things it has to say about Labradors and dogs. Mark has conceived this wonderful novel with a vision to promote understanding and amity between different animals and their relationships with we humans. The story evokes a mood, a moment of startling change.
Ritika Mazumdar
Associate Editor

Many questions about life are answered through canines.

Read Chapter One of Bernie

To order Bernie
and/or its sequel,
Bernie Knows Best…
please contact:

Mark Weston at
or 516-433-8159.

Or through the mail:

Mark Weston
354 W. Nicholai Street
Hicksville, NY 11801-3761.

$12.00 per book plus $2.00 postage.

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